La Leyenda: An Authentic Mezcal Made From 100% Full Term Blue Agave | Martin Hyu Show Ep.21

Alex and Tom join CEO of MARS MEDIA Martin Hyu’s podcast to discuss what it takes to make true full-term tequila, NFTs, and the good life. From Martin’s website:

For today’s episode, my guests are Alex Sanchez and Tom O’Malley. They have been working on an absolutely mind blowing 100% Full Term Blue Agave Mezcal called “La Leyenda” – which won the Double Gold medal in 2021 SF WINE & SPIRITS blind taste competition.

The ethos of the project is to produce an agave spirit without any compromise and to push back against the mass marketing of these plants which inevitably leads to cutting corners. Just to give you an idea: Blue Agave plants take 6-7 years to mature, and yet many companies harvest early around 3-4 years while supplementing with additives. La Leyenda really sees it through the 7 years to get the highest possible quality while preserving the craft. They call it NFT (Now Full Term).

They are launching the spirit as an NFT project where the only way to buy the bottles is to hold the token itself.

If you know little or are an amateur tequila / mezcal drinker like myself – you’ll learn a lot from the deep knowledge that these two have. And if you’re an aficionado, you’ll definitely get to appreciate the craft and passion that goes into this product.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it. If you can take an extra 10 to 30 seconds to share your thoughts and review the podcast, it would mean the world to me 🙂